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Freedom Caucus Calls on TAB to Stop Misleading Texans with Bogus Claims

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By Freedom Caucus Staff
Tuesday, February 21, 2017


St. Edwards University says student project has been misused

The Texas Freedom Caucus (TFC) today issued a call to the Texas Association of Business to discontinue its efforts to block women’s privacy legislation through the use of research that an Austin university said was a student project that has been misrepresented.

TAB circulated a report claiming significant economic damage to the Texas economy if the legislature were to pass legislation that protects the safety and privacy of women and little girls, but the report has now been discredited by PolitiFact Texas as “mostly false.” A policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation recently stated the “report should not be taken seriously in the ongoing public debate.”

Furthermore, TAB’s claim was based on a report produced at St. Edwards University, which now states the report should never have been used as a platform for political advocacy. In response to a recent inquiry by Rep. Matt Shaheen, the dean of the university’s school of business said the study was merely a student research project.

“This research project – limited in scope and conducted by students – was not intended to be, and should not have been used as, the platform for a political advocacy campaign,” the dean wrote in the letter to Shaheen, who serves as the TFC grassroots liaison.

Rep. Shaheen further stated, “TAB should apologize and explain to Texans why they’re supporting an extreme agenda that would violate Texans’ privacy and could expose businesses to countless new local regulations that are bad for business and bad for privacy.”

The full letter from St. Edwards University to Representative Matt Shaheen is below.

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Freedom Caucus Staff

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