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Texas Freedom Caucus Strongly Condemns $500,000 in Proposed Spending on Non-Citizens by Harris County Commissioner's Court

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AUSTIN—The Texas Freedom Caucus strongly condemned a plan unveiled today by Harris County Commissioner Lina Hidalgo that would spend up to $500,000 in taxpayer funds on legal services for illegal immigrants in Harris County. "Putting aside the fact that the Harris County Commissioner's Court nearly voted to raise property tax rates by 8% last year, this is an insult to the taxpayers," said State Representative Mayes Middleton, chair of the caucus. "This just pours salt in the wounds of an already fed-up and over-taxed electorate. When we were in Austin last session fighting for taxpayers by passing a bill restricting local tax hikes to 3.5% per year, the Harris County Commissioner's Court sent their lobbyist to Austin to testify against the bill on the grounds that they wouldn't be able to provide essential services like police, fire, and EMS, yet here they are once again advocating for providing unnecessary, duplicative, and wasteful services at the expense of us all for the benefit of just a few."

The U.S. Customs & Immigration Services website offers legal guides on its website and even provides contact information for several pro-bono legal services in Harris County, such as Catholic Charities and RAICES, both of whom specialize in representing illegal immigrants in the U.S. court system. "Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay more for services that are already being provided through charities," said Middleton. "We're definitely going to keep monitoring this situation at the state level to see if there are further protections for taxpayers that we can implement next legislative session."

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