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Texas Freedom Caucus to Local Governments: 2020 Property Tax Rates Must Be Significantly Lowered

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Fellow Texan,

It is appalling that some jurisdictions are using this pandemic as an excuse to attempt tax hikes and disregard the property tax limits passed last year in Senate Bill 2. Millions of Texans are out of work due to government-ordered shutdowns and families across our state are struggling to pay their bills. Now is the time that property taxing entities can help people by cutting their property tax rates to let them keep more of their own money in their pocket to recover.

It is fundamentally wrong to raise taxes at this time, so we are urging all taxing entities to significantly reduce their property tax rates in 2020. See our statement urging local governments to cut property tax rates here. If you agree, we need you to let your cities, counties, and other local taxing entities know! 

Instead of raising tax rates, we should be talking about substantially lowering them to save taxpayers the money they’ll rely on during their time of greatest need. This isn’t something Texans just want—it’s something they need right now. Texans need a tax break this year, and you don’t owe a penny in taxes until the rate is adopted. We encourage all Texans to join the chorus of your neighbors making their voices heard loud and clear to property taxing entities statewide to lower our 2020 tax rates!

For Liberty,

Image titleRep. Mayes Middleton
Chairman, Texas Freedom Caucus

Rep. Mayes Middleton, Freedom Caucus Chairman

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