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Weekly Capitol Update - Week of 3/21/2021

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Good afternoon!

Happy Monday—The 87th Legislative Session is in full swing, and committees are hearing bills on the legislative priorities YOU helped us craft before the session began in January.

Some of these priorities are up for committee hearing this week, and we wanted to let you know when and where you can testify in favor of these great bills:

Fiscal Responsibility & Property Tax Relief
Monday, 3/22 at 10:00 AM in House Ways & Means, JHR 140

  • HB 1391 (Middleton) Elimination of Rollback Rate Election Loophole
  • HB 1869 (Burrows) CO Debt Factored into Voter-Approved Rate
  • HB 2429 (Meyer) Alternate Notice for when De Minimis Rate Exceeds Voter-Approval Tax Rate

Anti- Human Trafficking Laws
Wednesday, 3/24 at 8:00 AM in House Corrections, E2.026

  • HB 465 (Shaheen) Human Trafficking Parole Elimination

Business Protections & Back the Blue
Wednesday, 3/24 at 8:00 AM in House Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence, E2.014

  • HB 610 (Swanson) State Preemption on Business Protections
  • HB 2335 (Middleton) Removal of Governmental Immunity Removal for Prosecutors who Fail to Charge Rioters

Election Integrity
Thursday, 3/25 at 8:00 AM in House Elections, E2.028

  • HB 6 (Cain) Election Reform Omnibus

Religious Protections & Banning Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying
Thursday, 3/25 at 8:00 AM in House State Affairs, E2.030

  • HB 525 (Shaheen) All Churches Deemed Essential
  • HB 749 (Middleton) Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Ban
  • HB 1239 (Sanford) Restriction on Closing Churches
  • HB 1691 (Tinderholt) Restriction on Closing Churches
  • HJR 72 (Leach) Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting Closing of Churches

Second Amendment Protections
Thursday, 3/25 at 10:30 AM in House Homeland Security & Public Safety, E2.030

  • HB 1094 (Oliverson) Constitutional Carry
  • HB 1238 (Biedermann) Constitutional Carry
  • HB 1911 (White) Constitutional Carry
  • HB 1927 (Schaefer) Constitutional Carry
  • HB 2675 (Guillen) Expedited LTC for Women Who are at Risk of Violence
  • HB 2900 (Hefner) Constitutional Carry

Make sure you make your voice heard on these liberty-minded bills! You can also watch any of the committees by clicking this link at the appropriate time and clicking the relevant link.

If you're new to testifying, please visit this page for information related to registering to testify, where committee rooms are located, and other related questions.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!

For Liberty!

Freedom Caucus

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