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Process for Speaker Nominee Selection; House GOP meeting Dec 1st

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By Freedom Caucus Staff
Monday, November 27, 2017


Republican leaders should first be chosen by Republicans, among Republicans. But there is no process in place for us to choose a candidate for Speaker of the House from among Republicans. That can change on Friday, Dec 1st when we meet to vote on a bylaw change that will ensure that a caucus vote to select our Speaker nominee takes place before the next legislative session begins in 2019. We prefer that the Speaker nominee vote in caucus be conducted by secret ballot as called for by the Republican Party platform, and in keeping with the way all Texans vote for elected officials. The subsequent vote before the full House membership to officially elect the Speaker must always be done openly and publicly as required by the Texas Constitution.  We need maximum participation at the Dec 1st meeting, and we urge all of our Republican House colleagues to attend.

Freedom Caucus Staff

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